Replanting a Church in Riverstone

Already work has begun on launching new relevant programs to connect with the local community. This new church community has begun running a kids computer club during the school holidays as well as launching a toy library to partner with local families to build better communities and share the love of God with the people around.

I need to hear the stories of God’s love on repeat

Have you ever been ‘stuck’ with your favourite elderly grandfather and he is telling you a story that you have heard from him 8 or 9 times in the last 12 months? It’s hard to listen with enthusiasm when you can complete his sentences and you know the punch line. Paul Tillich once said, “The first duty of love is …

An Easter Message

That first Easter morning Jesus disciples were fearful for their lives, but the rising sun shined new hope, a new dawn. Jesus Christ had risen! Join Pastor Geoff Bates as he takes us through that journey in these four short and engaging videos unpacking the new hope that came with the risen son.

Peter Jensen on Suffering

Peter Jensen on Suffering from Life Anglican Church on Vimeo. Watch this powerful message in which Peter Jensen shares from his heart, his experience and from the bible, answering the difficult question, “Why does God allow suffering?”