The Eroding Freedom of Faith

For many of us we might know that the Ruddock Review into Freedom of Faith will be reported to the Federal Government on the next few weeks. There have been over 17,000 submissions for this review. During the lead up to the changing of the Marriage Act plebiscite last year the Prime Minister and the Attorney General said that faith will be protected and that the protection of
religion was more important than changing the Marriage Act, yet there have been some alarming development in the media, social media and courts over the last two years to show that the freedoms we once enjoyed have been challenged over and over again.
[pushquote]I have been prompted by the Spirit of God to pray for our society.[/pushquote] Prominent sports men and women have been persecuted in the public square when they have expressed a biblical view of marriage. It seems that we can’t express our views anymore unless it conforms to a certain powerful group on our society. Where has our society’s tolerance for minorities or people with differing views or beliefs gone? It seems that if I have an issue of
conscience, then I can’t express it unless it conforms to a certain vocal group. We have seen this new restriction of faith permeate into education, industry, media, politics and sport over the last five years. I wonder if our society is now restricting my democratic right or freedom of speech where I can’t express differing views, lifestyles and opinions anymore?
I am concerned for the future of our society where I am seeing religious organisations can’t employ people who hold the same values and faith, or where a photographer or cake maker can’t act on their conscience with a Gay wedding or churches can’t hire public buildings, or SRE classes have been prohibited to be taught in government or private schools. Over the next ten years it looks like our religious and conscience freedoms are going to be further eroded if something doesn’t happen.
I have been prompted by the Spirit of God to pray for our society, speak to our local Federal member about the direction of our society that is becoming less and less tolerant.
Can I urge you to do the same?