We desire to Grow as a body working together

As the body of Christ at Life Anglican, we are privileged to be connected to our God and being directed by Him in the things that He calls us to say and do. There is great diversity in our church of age, backgrounds, personalities, and giftedness. There are no appendixes or obsolete or non-functioning members of the body of Christ and we all need each other to do our part in serving the risen Lord. We each have our vital part to play.
As we consider how the Lord is going to work through us, may we see that our part is vital and necessary to be involved in the body of Christ in the ways we have been gifted.
We as a church want to continue to work at growing and developing: Cultivating our faith through sermons, personal bible reading and prayer, Life Groups, Life Ministry College, and stepping out and doing our part in honouring Jesus in our lives and community. We desire to see each person and congregation of our church grow in their knowledge and understanding of Christ. We are praying earnestly that our kingdom impact will grow, that God will use us to call more people to himself. We are committed to training the next generation of leaders to serve. We are aiming to grow our financial base so that we can do more for Christ. We are commencing some new initiatives, like Life Ministry College, ESL, Toy Library, internships, (possibly developing our multimedia ministry later in the year) but for the most of what we do in 2018 is that as the body of Christ, we will be growing in our love for Christ and His people and drawing others to Him.
Let us continue to join together, to be true to Christ and serve Him with our whole heart, mind and strength.