Life Anglican Riverstone

Friday Nights  6:30PM-8PM

During State-School Terms

Year 6 - Year 8


Life Anglican Church Riverstone
19 Elizabeth Street

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Why YouthLIFE Lite?

We are preparing for a full youthgroup program. In 2024 we our program is yr6 - yr8 with a vision over the next few years as our Church grows is to have a full youthgroup  program yr6 - yr12.

A Typical night at YouthLIFE

Our official program kicks off at 6:30pm so it’s good to get here a bit before that to register and meet some of the leaders and youth so that you’ll have a great night.

Some of the regular elements of our night include:

  • Games - God has made a fun world, and we want to enjoy it together and grow in our friendships.
  • Bible Discussion - God's Word the Bible is wonderful and powerful, and we open it every week to see what God has to say to us.
  • Supper - we spend some free time together, eating, playing basketball and growing our friendships.
  • Each week is a bit different, but those are some of the things you can look forward to.We would love to have you visit our program one night!!!

Feel free to just come along, or contact us first if you would like some more information, and so we can keep an eye out for you.

Youth Church

During our 10am Sunday Service

YouthCHURCH runs for years 5-8 during our Family Worship Services. Speak to our friendly welcoming team when yuou arrive at Church to register. They introduce you to the youth Church leaders and tell you everything you need to know. The program involves Bible teaching, games, prayer and activities, and is a great opportunity for young people to connect, learn and encourage one another.

Sunday Services