Kids Club Survival Kits

Looking for fresh ideas and resources for your school holiday kids club or beach mission?

Want to do something different with your after school kids group or Sunday School for a few weeks?

Been thinking about starting a kids club but not sure where to begin?

The kids mission survival kits are a great resource to help you plan, promote and put on an entertaining, Gospel centred program for infants and primary aged children.

They have been used by churches and beach mission teams throughout Australia for groups as small as twenty to groups exceeding 300 children. Some have used the resource kits to start a ministry and others have found them an invaluable new resource for kids clubs that have been running for 20 years.

Each resource kit includes

Bible talk scripts and aids
Drama scripts
Music and sound effects
Games, experiments, crafts and other activities
Team challenges

Activity booklets
Promotional materials
Registration resources
Follow up ideas
30 minutes of instructional video

People’s encouraging stories
Music videos
Bible talk videos
Live drama performance videos
Lots more

Jungle Kids Club Kit

Pickering Illingsworth Livingstone III with assistance from Astray Liana Jones discovers the legendary Lost City in the middle of the jungle but instead of fabled treasures all they find is an old Bible. When they lose their canoe and map and are attacked by wild animals it seems all is lost. But Astray Liana begins reading the Bible and is intrigued by what she learns. Will she believe what Jesus said or what Pickering tells her and what do they need to do to get out of the Jungle alive?

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Medieval Kids Club Kit

Ari the runaway page boy joins Sir Kel on his quest to rescue the princess but does Ari have what it takes to become a knight? And who is this princess and exactly what are they saving her from? Why do the hapless hunters Rosenstern and Guildencrantz want to catch Ari and are the kids going to help them or stop them? Are any of them brave or wise enough to face the dragon? Through reading Sir Kel’s Bible and talking to the storyteller along the way, Ari learns that the challenges she faces in her quest are like those Peter faced in following his friend Jesus. Will Ari understand and believe like Peter finally did?

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Intergalactic Kids Club Kit

When Zog from Wozzelog, the two headed intergalactic space commander, crash lands his Fuzzlegog intergalactic planet hopper in the middle of your kids club he thinks he has been stranded in the wrong time and place and his plans to become more powerful than President Zuna have been ruined. But with the help of the kids and an adult earthling, and not much help from his intellibot RU-1-2, Zog learns that Jesus is the light from the beginning of the universe and despite his amazing powers, he chose to die to rescue earthlings from sin.

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