starting march 7th, 2022

We're so glad that you're considering signing up for the Building a Safe + Strong Marriage course! We're confident that this will be beneficial, worthwhile and refreshing for every married couple at our Church. 

This year's course will be online, which has a range of benefits:

// More accessible and flexible for those with children.

// More privacy to have conversations with your spouse.

// You can go through it at your own pace, and take extra time in certain areas if necessary.

// You can simply have a break, go get a cup of tea, and start again when you're ready!

The second best way to do the marriage course is on your own in your own time. You'll have ten weeks to finish the course, and this might suit you both depending on your schedule and circumstances.

The best way is to do it with others on Monday nights over zoom, starting March 7th and going for five weeks. This will help us keep each other accountable, encourage one another and pray for one another. Don't worry, you won't be required to share anything or contribute in any way if you don't wish to!

Andrew and Merryn Court or Miles and Morgan Stepniewski will facilitate these Mondays, introducing the night, sending you off to do the content on your own, and then ending the evening back altogether. 

You can find more information here: