A Scanimated Christmas




This pack includes a  script and a set of hi res printable images are for use in a “scanimation“* type media presentation.

Join Suzi and Mr Forgettory as they discover scanimation and the true gift of christmas together. This kids and family presentation in an engaging, funny and enlightening fresh look at how Jesus is the real gift of Christmas. The scanimation effect will dazzle audiences while this carefully crafted skit will unpack God’s ultimate present to mankind in an understandable and meaningful way.

The 9 scanimation designs include:

  • Bible page turning
  • Star shining
  • Crown spinning
  • Camel walking left
  • 3 gifts spinning
  • Wise man Bowing
  • Wise man’s camel walking right
  • Gift box spinning
  • Jesus from manger to Cross animation

The scanner overlay needs to be printed on a transparent surface like an overhead transparency.

*Scanimation is an effect that is created by dragging an overlay with vertical lines across a sliced multi frame animation. The overlay causes the viewer to only see a part of the animation at a time. As the overlay is moved more frames of the animation is revealed.

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