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Explore Life in Jesus through our 10am & 6pm  online Sunday Services. Connect with Jesus and his Church.

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10am & 6pm Sundays

We love you. We want to gather together with you. For now we will use technology as best we can to connect our family together with Jesus.

Watching church is not Church and we are greatly grieved that we can’t meet together. As best we can we want to continue to be the Church through family-like community, loving each other & loving our neighbours.

How to Watch online

Tune in on time, 10am & 6pm

Click one of the video links below to tune in on facebook or youtube.
We will be broadcasting at 10am & 6pm on Sunday. By tuning in at the same time we can still learn and grow in community as we all watch & pray together.
Broadcasts will be available to watch throughout the week. Still, try tune in on time and watch with others 🙂

Celebrate Community

Our response to COVID19 seems to be changing by the day. As much as possible we want to keep our community active.

  1. If are logged in say “hello” in the comments and engage in online chats.
  2. Post a photo of ‘your Sunday view’ while watching Church
  3. Call a few Church friends after the broadcast & during the week just to say ‘hi’
  4. Fill out the ‘prayer online’ form
  5. Sign up to a lifegroup for online meetups during the week