The Global Mission of Life Anglican

Sharing Life in Jesus

A way to express the saving grace of God to all those who are lost
An act of obedience to the commission of Christ given to all His followers
A vehicle for spreading the good news about Jesus to local and international people

    For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.John 3:16


    These are people or mission activities currently supported financially as well as through prayer and regular communication by LifeAC. They are located in various parts of the world, are associated with a variety of mission organisations and are at different stages of their mission experience. Individuals/families within the LifeAC congregation sometimes also choose to support other mission activities that God has prompted them to help.

    Here are the current mission activities supported by LifeAC


    To help Life Anglican Church understand God’s commission and be committed to it.
    To encourage prayer and coordinate practical ways of helping missionaries connected to the church.
    To provide information to the church that will stimulate interest
    and encourage prayer for God’s work in the world.
    To provide advice and input to the Church Wardens and Parish Council
    on matters relating to missions including allocation of funds.


    The Missions Support Group meets regularly to consider mission activities and funding recommendations. The current emphasis for support is strongly linked to people or organisations with a significant relationship to our church. You can learn of these relationships when you explore the links to mission biographies.

    Local Mission is any activity within Australia which is adopted for church support. These include supporting Indigenous missions, organisations such as Anglicare, as well as focal efforts the congregation supports to influence the local community for Christ such as our Kids Club. Currently the Maude family and the Gerber familyare working in indigenous missions.

    As the name implies, this involves supporting people who are in training for the mission field

    This includes families/individuals who have chosen to spread the good news about Jesus in other countries. These may be associated with differing Mission support agencies, which will vary in the policies and procedures that affects their associate missionaries. It is always wise to check with the relevant organisation, or seek advice from senior ministry members of ~ANGLICAN CHURCH if you wish to donate in any way to missionaries sponsored by an organisation such as CMS, Pioneers etc.

    Mission Organisations may include any organisation committed to the spread of the Gospel of Christ.
    Currently this includes Global Recordings Network, and Eagles Wings


    • If you give a regular offering then you already support missions to some extent
    • Seek information on the families and missions supported by LifeAC, and pray regularly
    • Join one of our teams to serve in one of our programs. Contact any of our ministry leaders or ministers to find out more.
    • Ask God for guidance as to whether He wants you to consider devoting time, thought, energy and/or money in order to serve Him in mission. Perhaps a short term mission may help clarify your thoughts about whether to become personally involved.
    • Make a commitment to regularly sponsor one or more of the LifeAC focus families or missions