Friday Nights

year7 – year 12

You can visit Youth Life any Friday during the school term. We’d love you to come and join us every week. On your first visit to YouthLIFE our rego team Sarah and Michelle will ask a parent/guardian to fill out a registration form.


We kick off at 7:00pm so it’s good to get here a bit before that to register and meet some of the leaders youth so that you’ll have a great night. Once we head into the auditorium we’ll do a mix of activities that will get us having fun together as we learn about the life-changing person of Jesus.

Each week will be a bit different, but we’ll usually play some games, chat, eat, sing, watch something, and generally have a good time before one of our talented and inspirational youth leaders teaches us something about Jesus. Then we have a time in a smaller group where we have a chance to ask questions about what was said.

Then it is home time!!


My name is Hannah Anthony and I am the interim youth minister at Life Anglican. Youth ministry is something I have found myself serving in ever since I was in youth group as a student, and I am very passionate about coming alongside teens and pointing them to Jesus. I studied at a Christian University in the U.S. with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Religion with an emphasis in Missions, minor in Applied Psychology. This is a Christian theological degree, but I also studied other religions in order to understand other people groups’ beliefs and point them to Christ. My passion is to help young people understand a Biblical worldview in a world that never seems to truly satisfy, in order for them to experience new and full life with Jesus.

Many of our team have a number of years experience and training in running youth programs, including some fully qualified teachers, and every single one of our team have completed “child protection training”. They all think life with Jesus is the best and are keen for you to have it too.

We would love to have you visit our program one night drop in or give me a call if you have any more questions


Small groups for girls


Yr 6-8 contact Rachel Li on 9626 2898
Yr 10-12 contact Hannah Anthony 0481 839 509
Or Email:

Loving friendship is the heart of our GIFT programs
Most weeks GIFT includes a fun activity, time to talk and share.
Most importantly we spend time discovering God’s gift to us by giving us Jesus.
Share life together, laugh & love together.
Girls who find beauty, love & meaning in the eyes of their creator.
Our Gift program often includes outings like picnics, or invading the local shopping centres with a girls big day out, and joining in on Life Anglican Church’s youth camp.
GIFT is held in the homes of some of our talented and passionate GIFT leaders and at church.
All leaders are members of Life Anglican Church, have completed child protection training and comply with NSW child protection legislation.
GIFT is a safe and loving enviroment to build friendships with each other and with our loving God.


Small groups for guys


contact Robbie Hayes at
We believe in a God of power and might, the God who calls men to follow him.
MAN-UP is our small group program in which guys are reinforcing, shaping and strengthening each other to live as followers of Jesus through friendship and digging into the depths of God’s word.
Our MAN-UP program also includes outings like bowling, laser tag, and joining in on YouthLIFE Spring Camp. MAN-UP is held on our church property and is run by our talented and passionate MAN-UP leaders. All leaders are members of Life Anglican Church, have completed child protection training and comply with NSW child protection legislation.

MAN-UP is a safe and supportive environment to build friendships with each other and with God.